Welcome Spring

In the beginning there was darkness and out of the darkness came the mother. From her flesh she formed the earth. With her tears she filled the seas and the lakes and rivers. She walked upon her creation and where she passed grew grasses, trees, and flowers. Her breath became the winds. With her right … Continue reading Welcome Spring

Elm Tree

Songbirds, mice, squirrels, woodchucks, and opossums eat the fruit and seeds. Rabbits and deer eat young trees. Bees, butterflies and other insects visit flowers and helps pollination. Caterpillars eat the leaves, parasitical fungi, such as oysters mushrooms grow on the trunk. Continue reading Elm Tree


The Mother of the woods. The essence of the blackthorn  helps absorption of energy necessary for life.  Stabilize emotions  Brings hope and joy. In Irish tales heroes were aided in a spell of protection under the blackthorn tree- if they threw a twig of Blackthorn after them as they left for battle  it would root … Continue reading Blackthorn